Britney Spears is threatening to pull the plug on her flop reality TV show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. The pregnant pop superstar is said to be furious at the scathing reviews and bad press the show has received and is thinking of scrapping it before TV bosses can wield the axe. “It seems Britney’s just trying to save face,” says a friend of the star and her dancer husband Kevin Federline. “She’s furious at the way people have been bad mouthing her about her talking about *** on the show and how she and Kevin come across as a couple. She’s especially angered by reports that she might be axed from the schedules. Britney has said she will pull the plug on the whole idea before that happens. She won’t be cast as a failure when the only real problem is that the media want to persecute her for no reason.”


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