Britney spears and Kevin Federline may be married but they too have their moments of disagreement. According to Rate the music, this nasty side is featured in Britney Spears new reality show Britney + Kevin: Chaotic. When Federline, holding a video camera, asks what’s wrong with Spears, she responds, “This is about women kicking mens’ ***… I could kick your ***, I really could. Give me four weeks, put me in a ring with you, boxing gloves; I swear to God as much aggression as I have in me that I’ve been holding back, I could kick any boy’s ***. They would be in fear of me… Momma’s boys, that’s all y’all are.”

Britney is then seen taking boxing lessons in the reality show. “I think it’s the southern girl in me that just kinda comes out and is really really blunt. I was feeling my way through the whole situation; it wasn’t cool. I have the worst temper in the world and I think the reason why I was going on a rampage was because I was trying to push Kevin away. I think I was really just scared to let myself fall in love,” Spears was quoted as saying.


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