Britney is “terrified” the judge handling the trial for Sam Lutfi will force her to testify, according to

“Britney doesn’t want to see Sam Lutfi or be in the same room with him again, ever,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Britney is terrified that she is going to be forced to testify in the trial, even though the judge handling her conservatorship ruled she isn’t mentally competent to participate.”

“Sam’s lawyer is still pushing the issue with the judge handling the lawsuit though and said during a hearing this morning that he hadn’t decided about whether or not he would call Spears as a witness. The Spears’ family lawyers raised fierce objections and have vowed to wage a legal fight if Sam pushes the issue. Britney is terrified of Sam and has very bad memories about the time he was involved in her life.”

The trial is expected to last three weeks, with Brit’s parents, conservators, ex-lawyers and fiancĂ© all testifying.

The source adds: “Brit is being kept busy with work on X Factor and her sons. The upcoming trial isn’t discussed with her because it’s just too upsetting,” the insider says.

It’s odd everyone but Britney is testifying in the trial because, at the time all this went down, she wasn’t too close with any of them. The one person that could clear things up is the one person not participating in the trial. Must be some painful memories.

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