When Britney’s over a relationship, she’s OVER it. And when she’s into a new guy, she’s INTO it.

Months after splitting with ex Jason Trawick, Britney’s moved on with David Lucado and already said the three magic words: “Pass the syrup.” Kidding… “I love you.”

““Everyone knows Britney falls in love very fast, and it is no different with David”, an insider told Life & Style. “She has already told him ‘I love you’ and calls him ‘Babe”.

One eye witness who saw Britney and David holding hands while shopping at a Thousand Oaks say she looked radiant.

“Britney looked great and seemed very happy. David was opening the door for her and being a gentleman. He seems protective of her and like he’s known her for a while”.

“Britney brings him everywhere”, said another insider, before revealing that David has settled really well into Britney’s Thousand Oaks home. “He stays over every night”.

Get it!

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