The princess of pop lets loose.


You know it’s going to be a good interview when the first words Britney speaks on the UK’s daytime TV talk show Loose Women is “are you really loose women?”

Never change, Britney.

Photos: Britney Spears on Loose Women

The princess of pop filmed her appearance late last week during a lengthy promotional tour across the pond last week following her performance at the Apple Music Festival. She touches on all they key points we’ve heard about in other interviews, like her new album Glory (“I spent two years doing this record. I put all my heart into this. It is like my baby. It’s been a great process – I’ve worked with amazing people.”), her son Sean Preston’s ear for music (though he’s not a big fan for her ninth studio album, though that didn’t concern the “Liar” singer), how she stays so fit (she works out with three or four other women and takes classes) and teaching dance classes in Westlake.

This prompts the ladies to ask Britney to teach them a few of her moves, which results in one of the cutest bits we’ve seen from the pop star during her time in London thus far (booty action FTW).

Check that out, plus a game of snog, marry or kill between Justin Bieber, Madonna or Simon Cowell and a lightning round of very very important questions below:

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