And yes, The “Make Me” video exists!


Britney can’t remember meeting Taylor Swift – but she wants to.

Yesterday (July 31) Britney checked in with Australia to give us more classic radio interview moments – she still loves caesar salads! – and one in particular that has Twitter cackling.

She called into KIIS 1065 to play a round of Would You Rather? and supplied us with priceless trivia to add to our Britney Spears encyclopaedias.

The “Make Me” singer would rather swap lives with fellow Vegas diva Mariah Carey than Elton John, and couldn’t possibly choose between Oprah and Ellen. But who would she rather sit beside on an airplane: Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

Well, that’s a toughie! “I don’t know! I don’t know, that’s hard. They’re both so cool, I don’t know. I’ve briefly met Katy Perry at the Smurfs movie premiere. Maybe because I’ve met Katy Perry I would say Taylor Swift, because I’ve never met her before.”

Fair answer, Brit, but not entirely true. Remember the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, the night you won everything? Well…

Moving on swiftly (sorry) to B9-related news, Britney revealed to Rove and Sam that her music is about “intimacy, being in love, being a hopeless romantic” and believes the overall theme is female empowerment.

When will this bless our ears? “I really have no idea when it’s supposed to come out”. While that isn’t exactly promising, she confirmed the existence of the “Make Me” video amidst the rumors of it being scrapped.

“The video that I just shot is me and all my girls. We’re making guys audition for us. The whole theme is us basically playing with them. It’s really kind of fun,” she said of the David LaChapelle-directed video.

Listen to the full interviews with Rove and Sam and Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS FM below.

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