Check out part four of Britney’s interview with In this clip, Brit talks about who she admires.

“To this day still, Madonna. I’m a huge fan of her,” Brit said about the pop queen, who she infamously shared a kiss with at the 2003 MTV VMAs and collaborated with on the hit song “Me Against the Music.”

But Madonna isn’t the only inspiration for Britney, citing Toni Braxton and Beyonce as inspiration. “I grew up listening to Toni Braxton,” Britney said, “and now I think she has a reality show that she does. I love her.”

“Anytime Beyonce performs, it’s a really big spectacle,” Britney said. “I’d love to see her perform. That would be fun.” Does this mean a possible collabo between the Queen Bs?
“That would be fun, that’s a good idea!”

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