Jen Mark Reports – The next album from Britney Spears, which at it’s pending title “Original Doll”, will not only decrease the amount of sexual meanings, but will also encourage a new encounter this time.

Spears says: “Not only am I a believer in Christ, I think it is time that I should give him a meaning and not use as much personal life in my songs anymore. I cannot dance in a cat suit my entire life; I am a legally married woman.”

Her new bonus track, Mona Lisa (which was featured on a popular KISS fm LA radio station a couple of months ago) has mentioned the word God one time. Spears reports that she will also have more reports of the word Christ, Lord, and God in a positive meaning and that she will try not to let the label leak out anymore ‘profang’ hits on her next album. But it is still possible.

“I already said what I had to say with My Prerogative on my Hits CD. This time it’s gonna have a meaning. But no, it will not be gospel.” Britney says the Extra Reporter.

Credit — BritneyGlamour.Com

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