TMZ is reporting that Britney has begun taking the necessary steps to getting better. None of it is completely official, and are just reports from sources and doctors.

First off, they are reporting that Britney has seen a psychiatrist every single day this week so far to treat her very serious bi-polar disorder: “We know doctors have indeed concluded she suffers from bipolarity. Britney has seen doctors who have been referred by other doctors, plus doctors who have been referred by celebrities Britney knows, and doctors referred by her lawyers, family and friends. We’re told the process has been excruciating for her, partly because her disease is severe,” says TMZ.

When Britney takes her medication, she is “a different person — normal and sweet.,” says a source close to Britney. “But she takes her meds for a while and then feels as if she can live without it — so she stops taking them — and her condition quickly deteriorates.” But a professional tells TMZ flatly, “The medication just isn’t working.”

That same professional tells TMZ, “She’s really trying. Whether it works — we’ll have to see.” That person also says it’s extremely frustrating when the media shows video of Britney out on the town acting crazy, adding, “She has a disease. Sometimes when you see her she’s in the middle of an episode. It’s like mocking someone with Down syndrome.”

Rome wasn’t a built in a day. I’m glad she is taking the right steps to get better. Really, really glad.

Best of luck, Britney. We believe in you!

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