Although Britney didn’t attend LOVE at the Mirage tonight in Vegas, she did still have an eventful day! According to the, Britney “was spotted walking out of The Mirage villas and into the tops-optional Bare pool lounge on Saturday. [She] was all smiles as she was escorted into the pool area. She was wearing a very short blue sun dress. Earlier during her day at the Mirage, she was spotted in a wet suit on her way to swim with the dolphins.”

Mind you the guy at LVRJ wears an eye patch. Arrrrrrrr matey.

I’ve always wanted to ride a dolphin. Does that sound weird? Ok yeah that does. Re-phrase. I’ve always wanted to do the thing where the dolphin pushes you out the water with its nose and you look like you’re gliding. Did that make sense at all? Shutup you know that’s your dream too. Where’s Echo!

Sounds fun. I’m jealous.

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