Lady Gaga was kinda a mess at the Yankees game

Britney made a huge splash at the Dodgers game in L.A. on Wednesday. She took along her two sons, Sean and Jayden, who wore matching Dodgers hats.

The trio ate cotton candy and chewed Quench Gum. Britney Tweeted “Go @Dodgers!!!!!” with a photo of her and the boys. Then took pictures with outfielder Andre Ethier and closer Brandon League.

The Dodgers promoted the appearance on their website, simultaneously throwing shade at Lady Gaga, who dressed in underwear and looked a mess & aggressive at the Yankees game she attended a few years back.

From the Dodgers‘ website:

“Things evidently went pretty well for Spears, and it looks like the Dodgers were happy to have her there. We’re glad she comported herself better than her colleague in NYC.” is quoted as saying Britney was a “supermom” that day.

Britney "Supermom" At Dodgers Game

Britney looked genuinely happy and it was a cool of her to give fans an inside peek at her Dodgers day!

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