Since this isn’t a happy story, most of you probably won’t believe it. Just saying…

According to new reports, Britney is “suffering paralysing panic attacks as she prepares for her world tour.”

Britney, who embarks on her “Circus” tour in less than a month, has been reportedly “throwing tantrums and locking herself in her room or bathroom amid ‘terrible attacks of nerves.'”

Puppet-master Jamie Spears had to apparently call the doctors regarding Britney’s fits.

One source said: “Britney is in danger of not going on tour as she has been having paralyzing panic attacks.”

“Every time there is a crisis, Britney screams and cries and locks herself in her room. She has been telling her doctor she feels under pressure and ill when she thinks about touring.”

“She is worried about being on the road without her kids, and fears that her performance will be branded a flop.”

On top of the stress concerning the tour, Britney is currently in the midst of more legal battles, including a restraining order against Sam Lutfi & Adnan Ghalib, as well as a breach of contract suit filed by Lutfi.

Is this what Britney really needs? More pressure ontop of the immense stress put upon her already? Why are they rushing this? An even better question:

How can Britney tour for weeks on end, but can’t live her life free from a conservatorship???

This just isn’t right.


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