allheadlinenews: A songwriter in Indiana has filed charges alleging that he originally wrote the song, “Sometimes,” 15 years ago.According to CNN, an attorney for the songwriter, Steve Wallace filed a complaint May 5 in federal court against Spears, her album promoter, Sony/BMG Music Publishing Inc. and recording and publishing companies affiliated with the singer.In the complaint, Wallace talks about how even though he wrote the song, he never obtained a formal copyright, instead doing whatmany people do, and keeping the material in a sealed envelope, and postmarking it.Reportedly, Wallace shopped the song around to publishers in 1994 and submitted it to a lyric contest in Pennsylvania in 1997.Spears, 23, obtained a U.S. copyright for “Sometimes” on January 22, 1999. It appeared on her 1999 debut album, “… Baby One More Time” and on last year’s “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative,” according to CNN.The lyrics of the song sung by Spears are nearly identical to those written by Wallace, a side-by-side comparison submitted as evidence shows, the news service reports.

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