Or, lack thereof

Britney wants more one-on-one time with her sons Sean and Jayden, according to new reports.

Britney, who remains under a conservatorship controlled by her father, requires adult supervision during visits with her boys, putting a strain on her relationship with them.


“She gets into screaming matches with her father Jamie because she can’t have quiet time with the boys without bodyguards, nannies or another family member, a source tells the National Enquirer. “She’s had enough of the watchdogs, and she’s afraid her sons won’t feel bonded to her as they get older because there are always other adults around.”

“Little things set her off – like being told what the kids should eat. Britney has always been fond of junk food, and she sees nothing wrong with getting take-out pizzas or hamburgers for the kids.

Britney was lead to believe the restrictions in her life, namely the conservatorship, would dissolve after her “Circus” tour, but, surprise surprise, the sentence was permanently extended, leaving Britney devastated.

Couldn’t be better news for ex-husband Kevin Federline, who maintains sole custody of the boys.

“Kevin never trusted Britney’s decision-making when it came to the boys. She never kept them on a regular schedule, and their diets were poor. She’d sometimes feed them greasy fast food at 10 p.m.,” said the source.

It’s OK, though! As long as she continues recording albums, touring and promoting Candies, her sole purpose in life is complete, right?


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