Britney is still talking to ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, according to new reports.

Recent rumors claim Britney is engaged to current boyfriend Jason Trawick, who also works for Britney as her TV agent.

I thought you’re not supposed to mix business with pleasure. Then again, it IS Hollywood!

Sources claim Jason is trying to “seal the deal” with Britney, allegedly giving her a promise ring she was recently pictured wearing.

If dad Jamie has his way, Jason will marry Britney before the end of the year.

If Britney gets her way, she’d ditch this loser and date Adnan. Like he’s much better…


“Jason’s been obsessed with Britney for years — since, like, 2007. He kept pursuing Britney — beyond his professional pursuit of her — until she finally broke down and went on a date with him. Then her dad pushed the relationship. He thought Britney could marry this nice, professional Christian guy … and then he realized Jason is Jewish. But he didn’t really care; he just wanted Britney to find a guy to take care of her and who would treat her well.”

Despite a restraining order against Adnan, thanks to Big Jamie, Britney and Adnan still text and call each other.

In fact, Jason is very aware of this and has tried intercepting some of the calls; he threw a fit!

Can you imagine staying with a girl who longs for another man? Guess he really is that desperate!

Images: x17online.com

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