Is Britney still attracted to paparazzo Adnan Ghalib?

According to a very close insider via Fox News, Britney is still “madly in love with” Adnan.

“It is really breaking Britney’s heart,” the source told Pop Tarts. “She is still totally in love with Adnan and she can’t even speak too him, it’s making her really depressed.”

Earlier this year, Jamie Spears, Britney’s conservator / father, sought out a restraining order against Ghalib, who is not allowed within 100 yards of Britney and denied all communication, for allegedly undermining the conservatorship.

The site continues to claim Britney IS dating William Morris agent Jason Trawick, stating Jamie is heavily involved and pushing the forced romance.

“Jamie (Spears) is really, really pushing the relationship with Jason, he thinks he’s a really good influence on Britney,” added the source. “And the last thing he wants is Britney going back to Adnan. She would if she could.”

Despite speculation, can confirm this is false.

Britney is not dating Trawick.

Ghalib is also facing felony hit-and-run charges after allegedly hitting process server with his car in an attempt to avoid being served restraining order papers earlier this year.

Britney should be allowed to love who she wants to love, despite public opinion.

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