Is Britney sad she won’t get back with her D-bag ex-husband, Kevin Federline?

HELL NO! But new reports suggest otherwise.

Despite enduring a nasty, public divorce and custody battle with Kevin, sources close to the pop star claim the two are fairing well, even claiming Britney misses Kevin.

“Whenever Britney is feeling lonely, she plays the ‘what if’ game and imagines what it would be like to still be married to Kevin,” said a source.

“They’ve both grown up a lot over the last few years, Kevin parties less and is a great dad, and Britney has calmed down a lot too thanks to the conservatorship order. She thinks they’d be better together now than they were back then.”

“While Britney’s been single for over a year now, Kevin has been moving on and he really loves [new girlfriend] Victoria,” continued the source.

Too little too late? Kevin is currently dating volleyball player Victoria Prince, who is more known for her drunk, spread eagle leaked photos.


“He’s told Britney he thinks he’ll marry Victoria before the year is out and hopes she and their sons will be at the ceremony.”

“Britney is sad about it but [those around her] hope it will help her move on too.”

Take the report with a grain of salt; Britney is rumored to be dating backup dancer, Chase Benz, who is currently on the “Circus” tour.


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