Britney Stan Trolls Southwest Airlines And Their Response Goes Viral

April 12, 2017 By Jordan Miller

Take notes, United.

Take notes, United.

Southwest Airlines is looking pretty damn good right about now. In light of the scandal with United Airlines where an elderly man was forcibly removed from the aircraft due to overbooking, an online exchange between a Britney Spears fan and Southwest has gone viral. It’s exactly how a company should interact with their customers.

It began when 19-year-old Juan (@xadoringpaige) hopped onto Twitter to alleviate his boredom. He direct messaged Southwest Airlines to note a (fake) complaint and started a conversation with Linnea. It started out innocent enough.

Then Juan lays it on thick. He said the flight attendant repeatedly called him a fattie (an honorable nod to the ~delete it fat~ forum slang). A Britney fan would normally request extra cheese, honey, but Juan wanted more sugar for his Starbucksney. The SW agent, Linnea, seems genuinely concerned and asks for the abusive flight attendant’s name. Poor Linnea.

This was the opening Juan needed, and off went a photo of Britney from the “Toxic” video shoot.

Having wasted her time and energy, Linnea had every right to be upset. She wasn’t, and she handled Juan.

Linnea is savage.

Juan told Buzzfeed he “was really surprised because I was expecting to get ignored or a block.”

Well played, Southwest. Linnea deserves a raise. The Internet reacts…

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