Britney’s let go of her pesonal trainer, Derek DeGrazio, because the workouts were too rigorous, according to new reports.

DeGrazio started working with Britney before the Femme Fatale Tour kickoff to get her in shape for the strenuous performances, but now that the tour’s nearing the end, Britney wants to chillax. Boyfriend Jason Trawick tells Brit “not to stress about it.”

“Although it has been reported that the split was amicable, Britney was apparently unhappy with the tough restrictions Derek placed on her diet and his fitness expectations from the star were too ambitious.”

“Britney doesn’t want to worry about every single thing that goes into her mouth anymore,” a source told In Touch magazine.

“[Britney] knows Jason loves her no matter what and he has encouraged her not to stress about it.”

Derek’s team allegedly says Britney wasn’t taking his work-outs seriously enough and were damaging his reputation. The source added: “Derek felt Britney made him look bad when she cheated on her diet.”

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