Star Magazine: Kevin Federline has set his sights on becoming a singing, acting and dancing superstar — and wife Britney Spears is ready to spend up to $1 million to help bankroll his dream, insiders say.

The plan calls for Kevin, an accomplished backup dancer who’s performed with boy band LFO and with Britney’s former flame Justin Timberlake, to study with some of the best performance coaches and experts money can buy.

“Kevin claims that when they [singing, acting and dancing coaches] have worked their magic on him, he’ll be in a touring and co-starring role with Britney,” says a source close to the couple, who adds that they are both eyeing a Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson-style reality show if his career blooms.

“Everyone agrees that while Kevin looks like a laid-back, cool dude just willing to ride Britney’s gravy train, nothing could be farther from the truth,” the source said. “The fact is he’s a very ambitious guy who not only loves her for being Britney but also worships her for what she can do for him.”

A friend of Britney, 23, agrees that career plans for Kevin, 26, are heating up.

“I’m told the [lessons] will last for at least the first six months of the new year, taking place in both New York and L.A.,” the friend says. “They don’t want people knowing about it, but it will be hard to keep quiet.”

The friend added: “She’s told him to go for it — that she’ll bankroll him up to a million bucks for singing, dancing and drama coaches. She really wants him to succeed. Kevin’s already a good dancer, but the other stuff is going to be relatively new to him.”

Both sources say that as a former dancer, Kevin is eager to make his own name for himself on stage. And they agree that he doesn’t want to be viewed by the public as just Mr. Britney Spears –or worse, as someone out to spend her money.

Further branching out in his career, Kevin recently modeled clothing for a spread in an upcoming issue of the trendy men’s magazine Details, and he is reportedly interested in possibly starting his own clothing line one day.

Britney and Kevin’s rep, Leslie Sloane, told Star: “Britney supports Kevin in everything and anything he wants to do.”

She dismissed the idea that Nick and Jessica are professional role models for the couple, but as for taking lessons, or Britney bankrolling them, she said, “I don’t know anything about it. Kevin didn’t say anything. But it wouldn’t be anything new for him. He was a dancer before. He’s modeled. I can’t say it’s not true.”

“I really don’t know if he wants to act,” she added. “Justin Timberlake and Usher did it, so if they can do it, why can’t he?” thanks

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