The newest member of the Britney Spears clan –Britney Spears’s recently-purchased puppy Lacy Loo – isn’t being left out of the preparations for her upcoming nuptials. It was a family affair as Britney Spears returned from a visit to her wedding planner, dressed in a strapless summer frock and high-heeled beige shoes. Britney Spears was accompanied by her most trusted advisors to the special meeting – mum Lynne, the groom Kevin Federline and, of course, her furry canine companion, snuggled comfortably in her arms. Planning is well underway for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s ceremony, which is said to be scheduled for this November. The bride has kept quiet on any details, but there have been unconfirmed reports the couple plan to wed in the tradition of Kabbalah, a mystic religion which has attracted celebs such as Madonna and Demi Moore. And there is yet another unknown when it comes to the nuptials – whether or not little Lacy Loo will be included on the guest list.

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