So is “Just Luv Me.”


So here we go (woah woah woah).

Despite Britney’s lead Glory single “Make Me” making the rounds in advertisements for Tinder/Spotify and Apple Music with performances slated for Chicago’s B96 Jingle Bash, The Jonathan Ross Show, next week’s Apple Music Festival and this weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Festival, it continues trickling down the Hot 100.

The Britney Army is thirsty for the next selection off the princess of pop’s impeccable new LP, and several of the songs scream single contender. The latest rumor circling the message boards claims “Just Luv Me” and “Liar” are some of the top choices for the next release, despite Britney performing “Do You Wanna Come Over?” in her Piece Of Me show. A supposed insider on PopJustice’s forums named goldsoundz says the label is in its early testing stages. “I don’t have the full breakdown, but ‘Just Luv Me’ was on top with all 18-24, and ‘Liar’ had the best recall,” they wrote. “lol (more people were able to identify it after listening in full and subsequently listening to hooks by Britney and other artists that sound like her before hearing another clip of it).” He adds they should have more firm results this week but doesn’t know when they’ll announce what the next single is.

My thoughts: hold off on “Just Luv Me” as a single. Sonically, it fits amazingly well as a “Make Me” followup, but that could be an issue considering “Make Me’s” chart and radio performance. “Liar,” on the other hand, would be an excellent choice. Who doesn’t love an angry Britney Spears song? And with Britney and Justin Timberlake both admitting they’d be down to collaborate together, what better Glory song than that?

Re-visit the album below and be sure to VOTE up top. Also, #JusticeForSlumberParty.

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