But… who is Sam Bruno?

Britney Spears Works With Sam Bruno In The Recording Studio

We repeat: Britney Spears is working with Sam Bruno in the recording studio.

This is not a drill! Britney is crafting new material during her time off from Piece of Me this summer. For awhile, it appeared the only new music fans would hear from the pop princess was her Giorgio Moroder contribution, “Tom’s Diner,” along with her Iggy Azalea collaboration for “Pretty Girls.” Now that both songs have peaked and drifted away from our subconscious, we figured it’d be some time before The Army got their hands on a new tune from the songstress, but a semi-known singer by the name of Sam Bruno worked with Britney in the studio on Tuesday. Don’t believe us?

It’s a hopeful sign for Britney, who revealed last year she wants an “artsy fartsy” style ninth studio album. Working with Bruno is a step in the right direction, who’s simplistic style shines on songs like “Search Party” and “Red Lips.” Both songs would suit Britney quite nicely, but aren’t typical post-Femme Fatale songs we’d like Brit Brit to steer clear of.

And here we were thinking she would just paint ******* to Mariah Carey all summer.

UPDATE: Bruno shared a photo of her session with Brit.

Britney Spears Works With Sam Bruno In The Recording Studio

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