Britney Spears Works Out, Smiles, Remains Flawless

Britney gets to work *****.

At this point, I’ve written about Brit Brit hitting the gym so many times I could stumble back to a post from a year ago, copy + paste it with today’s photo and call it a day. However, I would never do that. Because Britney hitting the gym gives me life. It inspires me to lift weights, perform burpees and sweat it out to classics like “Soda Pop” and “Radar.”

It also gives me the energy to write another story about Britney working out.

Anyway, yes, Britney worked out Wednesday afternoon, and homegirl was feeling the runner’s high – flashing her million dollar smile to the photogs as she made her way. Rocking blue short shorts and sneaks, Brit laughed her way through the parking lot because she just finished reading BreatheHeavy’s story about her “old song” on Giorgio Moroder’s record.

Are you here for her cover of “YMCA” or “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?”

Trollney is here and she’s here to stay.

Does Britney give you life too?

Image via X17online