You say I’m crazy? I got your crazy.

This week marked the 11th anniversary of Britney Spears releasing “Womanizer.” Fans rejoiced! And in doing so tagged Joseph Kahn, who directed the music video (as well as “Stronger,” “Toxic” and “Perfume). Kahn Tweeted about the anniversary, but his comments sparked a startling reaction.

“They gave me only two days to shoot WOMANIZER,” Kahn wrote. “When I asked for more budget the label said ‘why would we give more money to a crazy person?’ They didn’t have high hopes. But I put all I could into it. I really wanted to see Britney make a comeback. The song went to #1.”

See what Exhale is saying about this.

Fans started posting the #FreeBritney hashtag in response to Kahn’s Tweet. They assumed when he said, “why would we give more money to a crazy person?,” that the label, Jive Records, which is now RCA, was calling Britney crazy.

However, it’s worth noting that Kahn could very well have been referring to himself – that Jive thought he was crazy – and didn’t want to up the budget. That’s more likely the scenario (we hope), but the way it was worded is causing confusion and outrage.

We reached out to Kahn for comment, but at the time of posting had not heard back.

BreatheHeavy interviewed Kahn in 2015 about his time working with Britney.

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