See the pop queen’s latest good cause.


Britney has a very important message for party people this holiday season.

Spears has teamed up with Caesars Entertainment and **** Crisis Center to remind anyone looking for a good time this NYE, to remember to be safe and look out for others.

“When I’m out with friends, we make this promise to each other: arrive together, stick together, leave together. Having a great time also means being very smart about it.”

As one of the world’s most powerful and influential celebs, it’s great to see Brit putting her star power to excellent use by positioning herself as a socially aware entertainer, who understands there’s a limit to everything – even New Years parties.

Britney also shared her party safety tips:

Britney’s tips for men and women include:

* Get your own drinks, and never leave drinks unattended.

* If you start to feel sick or overly intoxicated when you have had little or no alcohol, get to a safe place immediately and call someone for help.

* Know where your friends are and check in with one another frequently. Be aware of security personnel and use them as a resource if necessary.

* If a friend has been drinking, don’t let them leave with someone they just met.

* Make sure your phone is charged and always accessible. You can’t use a safety app or text a friend if your phone is dead. also reminds men not to be “that guy” who takes advantage of someone who has had too much to drink. Someone who is intoxicated can’t give consent, and *** without consent is sexual assault — period.

The executive producer of the campaign said he was proud of Britney for associating with the cause:

“We are so grateful to Britney Spears and Caesars Entertainment for supporting Party Smart. We are thrilled to have one of the top entertainers in the world with such a huge fan base help us deliver this important message. Her reach goes a long way in raising awareness among our target demographic, young people ages 18 to 25. Thanks to Britney, we are confident that word will spread more quickly and help to prevent situations with potentially severe and long-lasting consequences from happening in the first place.”

BreatheHeavy wishes you all a safe and fun party season!