Check out Britney’s first grade yearbook on eBAY, or check it out in the gallery!.

Kevin Mentioned in Glamour Magazine:
Pg. 28: Is It A Do Or A Don’t?
Accessorizing w/ baby pictures:
36% say it’s a do
64% say it’s a don’t
This is from the February issue, with Mandy Moore on the cover.

“And Then We Kiss” status:
According to wikipedia “And Then We Kiss” is doing very well on radio in asia even though it was never officially released. Its peak position on the Hong Kong Top 20 was #3, this position was reached 5 weeks after it first charted. ranking:
Britney came in 6th place for most searched on Ask Jeeves in 2005

Greatest Hits album status:
The hits album has been climbing in Ireland over the Xmas period, last week it had a 2006 peak at #68, this week it falls to #69. Clearly showing the staying power of Britney Spears, 14 months after it’s release…….It debuted at #1 on November 12th 2004.

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