Handwritten letters by Britney paint a powerless existence.

It is believed the Daily Mail works close with Britney’s camp, so it’s extremely interesting they published letters they claim are written by the princess of pop herself at some point in 2009 or 2010. They don’t divulge who handed them over – only saying the note was originally given from Britney to a member of her camp during that time.

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Britney writes in the third person in the letter, though it’s unclear why – perhaps as a way to disguise her identity had they been submitted to an online publication and transformed into print. It’s worth noting the handwriting looks identical to other letters Britney has penned in the past.

In them, she explains the circumstance leading up to her January 2008 psychiatric hold, her divorce with Kevin Federline, manager Larry Rudolph using scare tactics to maintain control, how her team threatens visitation with her kids, supporting her family financially and more.

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The unnamed source says they “think she was frustrated with what was going on and what was being reported and said,” adding: “She didn’t usually get a chance to speak her mind and be heard. She is thoughtful and sweet.’

Kevin Federline

Britney begins the note taking aim at ex-husband, Kevin Federline. She claims her lawyers advised her to file divorce from Kevin before he had the chance to.

“After reading Kevin’s article in People I was amazed at how a lot of the focus was on Britney their mother to sell a story for People magazine, instead of the focus being on Kevin,” she begins.

“What happened to Britney was a year ago and people need to get with the times.”

“And as far as Kevin saying Britney divorced him, she was forced to by her lawyers b/c she went to visit him in N.Y and he wouldn’t see her and the children and her lawyers said if she doesn’t divorce him he’s going to do it himself.”

“So Kevin trying to play the innocent victim is hardly irelavent [sic]. He left her and the babies. Her going on the mend partying two years ago has nothing to do w/ the situation now.”

“She is a completely different person and most of their fighting was done back then b/c of his problem waking and bakins to marujuna [sic] at 5 in the morning.”

“No one talks about these things b/c no one knows the truth.”


In January 2008, Britney was forcibly removed from her home, strapped to a gurney and taken to a hospital under a psychiatric hold because she was deemed a danger to herself and/or others.

It is reported that Britney locked herself in the bathroom with son Jayden, and that’s when police were called. Britney recalls the situation differently. In her note, she says she was “set up” and lied to.

“Her behavior when her children got taken away b/c of her locking herself in the bathroom is understandable considering her friend at the door kept telling her the cops are leaving don’t worry stay in the bathroom,” she said.

“She was lied to and set up. Her children were taken away and she did spin out of control which any mother would in those circumstances. Her next visit took a toll as well she wasn’t listening to her manager – he lost control so he wanted to scare her. Britney then turned her anger towards her family and the people who were making money off her.”

“Now this year Britney has been silenced to speak about anything that’s really going on. The people controlling her life have made 3 million dollars this year.”

Recently, Mr. Rudolph went on the record to say Britney might not perform in Vegas ever again.

The outlook

Nearly 10 years ago, Britney claimed those closest to her were controlling her every aspect of life, and the conservatorship was in-part to blame. Curiously, Britney writes about a Janet Jackson rumor as well.

“She would love for new eyes to see her situation, but if she brings it up she’s constantly threatened that the conservators will take her kids away.”

“So how long does this go on. As long as the people are getting paid and she has no rights it could go on for a while, but it doesn’t make it right at all. Everyone is very quick to put a gloomy eye on Britney. Does everyone talk about Janet Jackson giving her baby to her brother hopefully she won’t do it with this child.”

“Britney has given her brother a 2 million dollars apt. Her mother a 4M estate in Louisiana and her father the best job in show business.”

“She’s a very giving person and would love to get the respect she deserves.”

The same insider who handed the letters over says shares these same sentiments still to this day.

Earlier this month, Britney’s team filed a temporary restraining order against Sam Lutfi. He attended a hearing this week to defend himself, claiming Britney’s lawyers are attempting to silence him. Some of Team B’s ammunition was a trunk of personal items of Britney’s, including photos, music and handwritten letters. They also credit him for the energizing the Free Britney movement. There’s a followup hearing in June where a judge will decide if there’s enough to warrant a permanent restraining order.

Throughout 2019, fans have shined a light on Britney’s conservatorship that bars her from living a life like you and me. There was so much outrage, it prompted a judge to create a court hearing to discuss, which lead to an overall evaluation around Britney’s mental health as well as an internal investigation to those connected to the conservatorship. Meanwhile, Jamie Spears is asking a judge to extend the conservatorship beyond California, including Hawaii, Florida and Louisiana.

You can view the letters for yourself on the Daily Mail.

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