Please, please, please become a single.

Will Britney Spears’ cover of “Tom’s Diner” become a single? Probably not, but it should.

Giorgio Moroder’s new record “Déjà Vu” drops today, a fresh compilation of current electronica-meets-disco funk featuring duets from Kylie Minogue, Kelis, Charli XCX, Sia and Britney Spears. Minogue and Sia previously saw single treatments for their contributions before today, and it leaves us wondering what Moroder’s next “Déjà Vu” deliverance will be. Will it be his quirky ’70s disco anthem with Kelis for “Back And Forth,” the robotic, electro thumping Charli XCX-assisted track for “Diamonds” or “Don’t Let Go” featuring Mikky Ekko? While we look forward to all three artists sharing Moroder’s resurging spotlight this year, it’s his Britney Spears collaboration for “Tom’s Diner” we hope sees the spotlight.

Rumors swirled for months prior to its impending leak in April that Britney would cover the Suzanne Vega classic, but after Britney announced she’d release “Pretty Girls” alongside Iggy Azalea, we assumed the could-be single was shelved, destined solely as an album track and never a peep from Britney. That all changed today (June 16) when Britney acknowledged its existence:

Britney’s typically not one to promote side projects, and a casual Tweet is no indication the song will ever see further participation from her, but weirder things have happened (re: Iggy Azalea). Although she never got around to finishing the bridge, and Moroder says Britney contractually can’t film a video for it, perhaps radio will pick it up for nostalgic purposes.

Britney asked if I was interested in producing her with the [Suzanne Vega] song “Tom’s Diner,” Moroder said of the song last week. “I started to record the chords because, on an a cappella song, you can have whatever chords you want. When I was happy with the tracks, I sent it to her. I was shocked by how big she is worldwide. When the song was leaked, she was trending for almost a day. I knew she was big, but I did not know that she was that big.

He’s right. Her cover lit up the Internet upon its initial leak, hitting number one on Billboard’s Trending Chart as a result of trending world-wide on Twitter for most of the day. Rolling Stone said “the reenergized cover of the Eighties classic makes the song even more sonically dynamic,” while Time said “all that studio magic does, in a way, amplify the themes of voyeurism and alienation that reportedly inspired Vega’s original track.”

The song cracked the U.S. iTunes Top 100 today.

People consistently want a Britney Spears song they can jam to. And hey, Britney’s cover of “Tom’s Diner” is one of Moroder’s favorite collaborations he’s ever produced, doesn’t that count for something?

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