After the Earth-shattering buzz following Britney Spears’ recent guest appearance on Will & Grace (read: a half-dozen West Hollywood viewing parties shriek-laughing between sips of White Trash Russians), there are rumors that the singer-actress is looking to swap the order of her hybrid multi-talents, putting acting first:

Despite mixed reviews for her 2002 flick “Crossroads,” after her recent stint on “Will and Grace” Spears is hoping to become a TV star, reports In Touch Weekly. The show’s Megan Mullally told the mag that Spears was “fantastic” to work with — adding that she’s invited the pop star to be a guest on her new talk show.

Producers were “pleasantly surprised” by Spears’ acting skills, an insider told the mag — and the source also claims that the show’s co-creator, Max Mutchnick, is hoping to snag Spears a spot on one of his other shows currently in development, or even a sitcom of her own.

Like a Seinfeld curse for showrunners, the Will & Grace jinx has seen every subsequent series from its creators (Good Morning, Miami and, more recently, Four Kings) disappear with a swirl down the toilet bowl of failed sitcom history. Tailoring a project around Spears, however, could just be radical enough to reverse the bad luck; maybe they could even follow Tori Spelling’s lead and place their star at the center of a self-parodying faux reality show. Following Spears’ misadventures as she accidentally leaves her baby on various KFC counters along the PCH practically guarantees big laughs.

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