The email I received:

Hey Jordan! First of all, I’d like to say that I really love your site. breatheheavy is one of the best Britney sites I’ve ever seen! I’m a trainee for Amazon’s Retail Product Management. This week (alongside a lot of new albums for future release) they got the cover and the tracklisting of Britney’s new cd, the remixed. Actually, this material only could be showed after mid october. But whatever.

Here’s the cover (I have a bigger version but I really CAN’T show this one cause I’d lose my job lol) and some information about the album:
– the first track is called ‘and then we kiss’. will be released as the new britney spears’ single in october
– it is a double cd (they say there will be probably an enhanced version of it in the late december too)
– they used some outtakes of britney for the promotion of the album

The quality is not so good and the picture is tagged but I think it’s a good preview, right?

We got this info from Jive, but it might change!
I hope you like this.
Thank you, and please, don’t tell anybody who I am!


EDIT: Can you people like… not freak out at me if you don’t think it’s real. Don’t shoot the messenger, damn.

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