Business Queen.

Britney just launched her 23rd Fragrance titled ‘Sunset Fantasy.’

What kind of epic timing? The same week that the pop princess flew to Hawaii for a little fun in the sun after finishing up Piece Of Me in Vegas, her new perfume Sunset Fantasy was made available for purchase at Kohl’s. It will reportedly be in stores January 17. A business queen!

Rumors of the fragrance first popped up back in November when a curious edit and commercial made the rounds advertising the tropical scent.

The Britney Army wasn’t sure if the photo up top was real, or just a clever manipulation from a stan. Why’s that? Because someone responsible for this picture legitimately Photoshopped her face from another photo onto someone else’s body. Do I imagine it, or do I see your stare?

It’s worth mentioning that the photo in question is still being used to advertise Sunset Fantasy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy transports you to your summer paradise. A place where romantic sunsets fill the iridescent sky and the warmth of the sun’s glow fills you with a vibrant sensuality.

Sunset Fantasy is conceived as a sensual and romantic addition to a collection with a floral-fruity composition on an oriental-woody drydown. It opens with a combination of citruses and fresh apples. The heart is fruity with peach and raspberries, with additional orange blossoms, sandalwood, and warm, sweet notes.

Top notes: ruby red grapefruit, Italian mandarin, sweet apple
Heart: peach, raspberry leaf, orange blossom
Base: Australian sandalwood, vanilla Moheli, amber, steamed milk froth

The fragrance is available as a 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

So now you know! Britney has just expanded her billion (WITH A B) fragrance empire. When will your favs?

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  1. We fans cherish her photoshoots because basically she’s one of the sexiest women on Earth, so the fact that she doesn’t bother to take a few new pictures just kills me inside a little bit….. Girl, come.the-****.on.

    1. That’s not really her choice. Britney has no issue posing for photos (as you can see on her insta and even looking great in the latest M&Gs). It’s “Britney” the brand (i.e. Team Britney) who keeps f’ing things up. They obviously like to take the cheap route since they know even with zero photoshoots, her perfumes still sell well lol.

      1. “That’s not really her choice” what a stupid comment to make. Britney IS the brand and everything that’s released is a reflection of her. If she wanted to have a say in her own brand she would, but she chooses not to which speaks volumes of her lack of care in her own brand or image.

        1. I think it’s entirely possible that Britney is just over the perfume… And can you blame her? It’s clear that she’s under contract with Arden, and that they’re milking it for all it’s worth.. this isn’t inspired or creative… It’s embarrassing to be honest…and I’d be willing to bet that Britney’s involvement is little to none. Not because she’s lazy.. give me a break. It’s because she’s legally bound to something that perhaps she doesn’t believe in anymore or isn’t necessarily passionate about. So they use what they can, cut and paste, throw it on to the shelves, and it’s more cash in everyone’s pocket.

          1. If she’s under contract (which I’m sure she is) she knew the conditions of that contract when the first fragrance was conceptualized, so you can’t act like these new perfumes are a big surprise to her. If she didn’t want to live up to putting out quality branding and material, then why even sign up for it in the first place? I’ll tell you why…because it’s more evident now more than ever that Britney is leitmitely driven by the aspect of just making money and cashing in on her nostalgia act for as long as she can; thankfully, that’ll be easy to accomplish with fans like yourself who buy into everything she does. I mean come on, she still mimes to vocals she recorded in 1998 and then has the audacity to say she sings live. It’s obvious she doesn’t take her music career that seriously so it’s no surprise that any other branding or products will have the same lack of quality or care on her part.

          2. I love Britney, supported her from day one and will continue to do so, but in today’s current pop climate to claim she’s not lazy is just laughable. She does the bare minimum to get through and it’s becoming overwhelmingly obvious that people are as tired with it as she is with her career.

      2. …really? I think she’s just being lazy. She asks people to take her photos in her own home or when she’s laying on the beach. But taking her *** to a photo studio? Oh hell no. *rolls eyes*
        And no one tell me pictures cost money to her team because they sure have plenty for that, and no one could deny the impact that good pictures have in our society and especially in pop culture in 2018.

  2. It’s a real shame Britney’s team aren’t smart enough to capitalise on her male fanbase by releasing a fragrance for men. I guess we’ll just have to settle for the 78th variation of Curious.

  3. Omg a better pic could have been used ??‍♂️ I love Brit but sometimes her teams makes her brand look so cheap ugh I’m still buying the cologne ??‍♂️

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