Twice-married mini-burger chomper Britney Spears is the most headline-hogging hottie of the year, according to some survey or other.

Britney who? Never heard of her.

La-la-land’s zap2it website tells us “Spears’ antics generated 119 stories” for the Access Hollywood celeb digest. And sausage-calved prancer’s endless nonsense has serious nobbled bun-waggling Beyonce claim on the biggest column inches.

Knowlesy only managed to nab a paltry 102 stories, a surefire sign that Beyonce must – repeat, must – don the hotpants with more regularity in 2005.

For the record, 2004 has seen more than 50 stories each devoted to Britters and Angelina Jolie on MegaStar, plus more than 30 on Halle Berry.

That makes it well in excess of a 100 steaming snippets of breathless blether on each of the above uber-beauties in the past couple of years.

Bodice-busting multi-tasker Jennifer Ellison’s catching up fast too, as is saveloy-hider supreme, Paris ‘what exactly does she do again?’ Hilton.

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