In an interview over email, pop diva Britney Spears tells Devdulal Das about her penchant for staying in the news, her constant tussle with the media over her private life and how she’s used Indian classical sounds in her new album

Does My Prerogative reflect the hurt public speculation has caused you?

I haven’t penned the lyrics of this song. The song was originally sung by Bobby Brown. I wanted to express myself through this song, as this was how I felt.

Is media glare an invasion of privacy?

Initially, it took some getting used to, now it’s gotten easier to deal with. Though, I still consider it an invasion of privacy on many occasions.

Do you sing to release your angst against public speculation about you?

I sing about what’s happening in my life at the moment. Yes, it does allow me to vent a little.

Is staying in the news necessary to be successful?

I admit it does play a part in achieving fame, but at the end of the day, it’s the music you churn out that people remember.

How much do lyrics mean to you? Or does melody make a song?

Lyrics matter very much to me, after all, the lyrics are basically your feelings transcended into song. The melody is important too, but the lyrics are the thing I normally work on first.

Which musicians inspire you? Why?

I have always loved the way that Madonna has charted the course of her career; I do feel very inspired by her.

Have you heard Indian classical music?

If you’ve listened carefully to the single My Prerogative , you’ll hear tabla beats right at the start.

Did you train to gain that sensual thrust in your voice?

It’s just the way the song turned out. When you’re singing **** lyrics, the sound of the song automatically takes on a **** feel.

How tough has the change since Baby One More Time been?

It was the most fun part of this journey to stardom, to be constantly able to change my image. I enjoy doing that, I am a performer after all.

How different are you from your diva image? Are you sensual and ****?

I am all these things, but not only these things; there is much more to me as there is to any person.

Your fondest memory?

The overwhelming feeling of being suddenly shot into stardom. Everybody suddenly knew Britney Spears. thanks

Source – Times Of India

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