Britney Spears Snaps Back At Iggy Azalea Shade

June 30, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Shots fired!

Updates From The Billboard Music Awards


From “Pretty Girls” to mean girls.

Someone from Iggy Azalea’s team needs to stealthily change her Twitter password and keep the fallen rap star away from social media, because her rants never end well. Her “Pretty Girls” venting session is no different.

Over the weekend, Azalea aimed her frustration at fans about the lack of promotion her single alongside Britney Spears saw. This simultaneously pushed her further down the has-been hole while cementing the Britney Army’s distaste.

She’s not wrong: promotion is key in 2015 when anyone can upload a song to the Internet and potentially become the next Britney Spears (never). But, unfortunately for Iggy, she didn’t do her research before connecting with the Queen who notoriously loathes traditional promotion. She should count her blessings Britney performed at the Billboard Music Awards as it is. Do we disagree with Iggy? Yeah. Do we think she looks like a train wreck regarding the demise of “Pretty Girls?” Yeah.

Let’s continue…

We’ll let you digest all that, but one of our favorite Tweets of the rant is her apparent distancing from the track.

Mind you, this is the same girl who admits to co-writing the song, co-directing the video and pressured Team Britney to change the album artwork from “featuring Iggy Azalea” to “with Iggy Azalea.” Whatever. Britney Spears isn’t having any of it. She posted an interestingly-timed Tweet about her return to Piece Of Me in August (Iggy recently cancelled her tour).