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Britney’s Snakeskin Heels Sssstir Up Controversy

Another day another drama.

Britney’s life has always been under a microscope, but over the years the pop star has had a better handle on what the public sees and hears about her. When she posts on Instagram, fans pay close attention. In light of the #FreeBritney movement, everything she shares is under a microscope.

One of her newest offerings comes in the form of a humble brag. She showed off a pair of $6,000 Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels and admits despite having had them for years, she’s never worn them.

“Four years ago I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels that were 6,000 dollars …. PS I’ve never worn them !!!!”

See what Exhale is saying about the snake drama.

So what’s the big deal? For starters, it arrives one day after a report detailing her 2018 expenses, which included 80 trips to Target and a $1 million in conservatorship-related fees. The timing of Britney’s post is sus.

It also strokes the conspiracy theory that Britney does not have control of her Instagram account despite clarifying on several occasions that she indeed does. Why? Because fans believe Britney herself would never brag about how much money she spent on something. Britney also claims to have never worn them, but that is also untrue. Below is a candid of Miss Brit from several years ago wearing them.

There are also hundreds of comments on the Instagram post pointing out that she’s bragging about wearing animal skin.

Of course there’s the flip side – Britney should be able to spend her money how she sees fit (though that’s one of the points of contention regarding fans’ outlook on the conservatorship).

Not long after the post of the high heels, Britney shared a photo of a rose. Expect outrage in the near future.

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