Britney Spears shocked fans with candid *** talk on her new US reality home video show Britney & Kevin Chaotic last night (17MAY05), when she quizzed her crew about their favorite sexual positions.

Filmed during her British tour stops on last year’s (04) Onyn Tour, just before she started courting new husband and Chaotic co-star Kevin Federline, the pop star asked bouncers, roadies, stylists and dancers how they liked their ***, while filming them on her video camera.

When the camera turned to Spears’ best friend and long-time assistant Felicia Culotta, who initiated the *** question, she said, “I don’t know, I’ve never had it.”

And Britney, a one-time famous virgin, couldn’t answer either because she worried about her family seeing the tape.

She giggled, “Mom, just ignore this whole part, and dad too, and Jamie Lynn (sister) too. I’m not gonna answer that.”

She then embarrassed pal and Onyx Tour support act JC Chasez by asking him about his favorite sexual position.

The first episode also featured a lonely Britney trying to have fun in London and Manchester, discussing marriage and commitment and insisting she didn’t believe in marriage.

She said, “I’ve been married, but that was a different story… Love is like the biggest mystery to me.”

The show ended with her talking about a guy she had met in Los Angeles (Federline) who she planned to jet out to Britain to join her on tour.

She added, “I needed some companionship, and, for some reason, I couldn’t get this guy out of my head that I’d met.”

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