New interviewney.

Britney doesn’t give interviews too often, but when she does… it’s a special moment.

Each one is uniquely special, like her latest phoner with Singapore’s The New Paper. The pop star has a show slated for June 30th there, and it’s a big deal; the last time she was in Singapore was nearly two decades ago(!!!). Brit touches on that, her protective sons, experiencing Asia, palm trees and Mac and Cheese.

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Check out the full Q&A below, then revisit her other new interview here:

On Sean and Jayden watching her back:
“When I was younger, I was more protective of them. But now, I think they’re more protective of me.”

“When we go out to restaurants and fans approach me, they will keep a lookout to make sure nobody messes with their mama,” she said, laughing, adding that the boys are “almost as tall as me now.”

It has been a while since you embarked on a world tour. What challenges do you face balancing work and family life?
“I’ve been working my whole life, and my family has always been with me.

The people I work with are just like my family as well, and it makes things easier. We would be together all the time, making our way around together and that is how we do it. It is all love.”

What has motherhood taught you about being a celebrity?
“As a mum, every day is different for me. There is so much good energy and innocence in my children, and I can say that the older I get, the more inspired I am by youth.”

A lot of celebrity children are making it big on social media. Are your children into social media?
“They go on the Internet every once in a while, they are more into the cat videos and the funny stuff.

Children these days are really into technology. There is a balance and there are boundaries to be kept. I’ll expose them more to social media when they are older.”

What do you like about Asia?
“It is so great over here and my sons are with me as they are out of school now.

The hospitality has been amazing. Sometimes we don’t know how to act as everyone is so respectful, they even bow when they greet us.

The fans in Asia make a bigger deal out of things. When I was in the Philippines, the fans were basically singing the lyrics to my songs really loudly, and they are just really fun.”

You were last in Singapore almost 20 years ago. What do you remember and is there anything you’d like to try this time?
“That was so long ago (laughs). It was a little different last time as I was with my mum and it was my debut period then. I remember palm trees; it was interesting and weird.

I am not really an ethnic food person, so I am not keen on trying your local food. I am more of a mac and cheese person.”

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