Britney Spears and Sam Asghari celebrate Christmas in September.

With all of the conservatorship and #FreeBritney drama surrounding Britney this year, it’s easy to forget that above the legal restraints and restraining orders is a singer. Her vocal talent is why Britney has maintained such a large following despite the odds, and this little clip is a refreshing reminder.

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Sam Asghari, who recently won a Hollywood Beauty award for his continual work on bettering himself through the art of fitness, shared a video of Britney and him singing (he tries) the words to “Here Comes Santa Claus.” It’s definitely new because Britney is brunette in it.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

It’s rare we get to hear Britney candidly sing, so this is a gift. And she sounds great in it! Someone inspire Britney to hit up a recording studio ASAP.

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