Sam Lutfi’s involvement in the #FreeBritney campaign amounted to a new restraining order.

A judge granted Team Britney’s request for a restraining order against Sam Lutfi at a hearing held in the L.A. County Superior Court on Thursday (June 13), TMZ reports. The permanent extension happened several weeks after a temporary one was put into effect. Lutfi was at the meeting, however Britney was not. The judge felt there was enough of a threat on Lutfi’s part to grant a five-year order – he must stay away from Britney, her immediate family, sons, and is barred from making disparaging comments about her. Lutfi attempted to bribe Lynne Spears, sent her money, asked Britney fans to “raise hell” and shared a photo of a trunk in his possession of personal items of Britney’s.

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Though Britney didn’t personally appear at this hearing, she did show up to her most-recent status hearing regarding the conservatorship. She reportedly told the judge the rumors of her being held against her will at a mental health facility and given medication she didn’t want to take were true, wants out of the conservatorship, and asked for more personal freedoms, like having a smart phone. Since then, Britney has been active on Instagram and pictured with an iPhone on multiple occasions. Britney’s statements inspired the judge to order a mental health evaluation and an internal investigation on the conservatorship. Meanwhile, Jamie Spears is working on extending the conservatorship into three more states outside of California, including Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii.

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The smart phone access is important in trying to understand Britney in 2019. It seems to make way for more posts on her Instagram. Britney’s feed is a curious, wondrous hub of inspirational quotes and unfiltered videos. It’s a wild peek at some facet of the pop star’s personal life. At times it’s bizarre, but also intimately personal. The Glory singer recently shared photos from her vacation in Miami with boyfriend Sam Asghari after a couple of posts accusing the paparazzi of editing her photos to make her larger.

On the day of the restraining order hearing, Britney posted a video showing off her newly-organized closet (she says the word “nighties,” not ’90s btw) and a picture of the ocean she took in Hawaii. The caption is a roller coaster – she explains why her favorite color is blue, then says red is actually her favorite color in that moment. We love a plot twist.

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2019 is a wild year in the world of Britney, and I don’t know how to end any of her posts other than… stay tuned…

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New Closet … A New World ?

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Blue is the color of sky and sea ?!!! It is often associated with depth and stability !!!! It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. Blue is beneficial to mind body and spirit !!!!!! Baby blue has always been my favorite color but today it’s red !!!! This pic was taken on my way to Hawaii two years ago !!!!!

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