Britney wasn’t feeling it?

The pop star made a rare red carpet appearance on Friday at the Daytime Beauty Awards. Her boyfriend, fitness model Sam Asghari, was being recognized at the event.

“Sam’s fitness transformation has inspired the masses,” the organization said in a statement. “His positive influence has impacted thousands to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Amidst helping countless followers on their weight loss journey, he also finds time to give back to sports programs for kids throughout the year.”

Footage of Britney and Sam making their way to the red carpet and taking photos has fans in a flurry. It looks as if Britney says “I just wanna go. Move,” during the photo-op. Britney quickly exits and makes her way back to the car afterward.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

We don’t know the circumstances for the appearance. Britney may have felt uncomfortable at some point and made the decision to leave. She also could have agreed to just photos and nothing more. Or we’re just making something out of nothing.

Watch the moment unfold below:

Britney posted a video prior to hitting the red carpet.

“Going to #daytimebeautyawards with my man but had to dance before going !!!!,” she said. “PS I felt beautiful !!!”

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