We’ll have to wait and see…

Earlier this year, a rumor hit Twitter suggesting rapper Rich the Kid and Britney have a collaboration titled “On It” in the works.

Curiously, Rich The Kid himself RT-ed the Tweet in question. There’s several reasons he did that: 1.) He likes the attention 2.) He wants a collab with Britney or 3.) It’s actually true.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

A radio station asked Rich if the rumors were true. He’s known to troll, and it appears that’s what he’s up to here. Rich avoids answering the question if he and Britney have a song together – he just repeats that Britney is his biggest fan. Sigh…

Prior to the ********** cancellation, Britney said she found it difficult to find time to record new music because of rehearsals and raising her two boys, but it’s worth mentioning the pop princess had spent some time in the studio since dropping Glory, so not all hope is lost.

However, it’ll be a minute before we get to hear the new tunes, especially if this Rich the Kid collab turns out to be untrue. Britney is currently on an indefinite work hiatus –– her manager, Larry Rudolph, says she won’t be recording new music during the downtime.

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What are we to take away from this? If it’s true Britney and Rich The Kid have a song together, than I’m pleased because it’s been way, way too long since we’ve heard a new Britney song. On the other hand, we haven’t had a solo Britney single in years, so that’s kind of a bummer. Hey, at this point… if Britney burps into the mic and drops it on iTunes I’ll purchase multiple copies.

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