During the confusion and devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Britney Spears reportedly feared that two of her uncles that lived in the region may have perished in the brutal storm. The uncles, Willie and June, are brothers of the singer’s father Jamie.

The pop star became worried when, after four days, no family member had been able to contact them. (Related story) According to Contact Music UK the family has now revealed that the two men are okay. The delay – like many families had to deal with in the aftermath – was due to the lack of communications coming out of the region. The family had to wait for power to be restored in the region before hearing that her uncles were alive and well and in good health. Her younger sister Jamie Lynn reportedly says: “When Katrina hit, I was home with my mom and some of my aunts, but Britney and Kevin were in LA and weren’t able to talk to them for about four days. That was hard.” “It’s really scary not being able to call your family and let them know you’re OK.” A very nice ending.

Credit: BritneyGlamour

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