What happens in Vegas…

What happens in Vegas…

Hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the globe travel to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears in action at her Piece Of Me residency inside the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood, but if you haven’t scheduled a trip to see the princess of pop on stage in the City of Sin yet, you’re in luck.

According to Silent Partners, the production company responsible for the screens used in her show, Britney has plans to continue performing in Las Vegas until at least 2019.

Their website, which now features stills from several backdrops seen throughout the performance, posted the following:

Piece of Me is Britney Spears’ first residency show in the AXIS Theatre of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The premiere concert took place on December 27, 2013, and will continue until 2019.

In an interview this past summer, Britney was open to the idea of touring, but admits she’s got it good in Vegas.

“You never know, honestly, my situation right now is very cool, I’m kind of spoiled,” she said. “But you know, who knows what the future brings.”

Last month, Britney reflected that when asked again if she’d consider going back on tour. “I’m not sure yet. Vegas has really been a fabulous experience for me. I say it all the time, it’s become like a second home. I love everything about it.”

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