Britney returns to the Gram to share an impromptu photoshoot.

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No matter which side you’re on in the #FreeBritney movement, your head is spinning. The latest buzz is that Britney reportedly wants to give an interview to explain her side of things, but according to RadarOnline (sigh), mom Lynne isn’t having it. It’s worth mentioning Lynne went on a #FreeBritney liking spree the day the BritneysGram podcast first debuted, so take this with a mound of salt.

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“Things are getting tense between Britney and Lynne right now,” a source tells the tabloid. “Britney wants to do an interview because she knows her fans are so worried but she’s up against opposition,” said the source. “Lynne literally shut her down on an interview and also is talking to Britney like she’s a little kid.” They also add that “Britney just wants her mom to leave her alone and the more Lynne pulls the more Britney pushes.”

It’s interesting that one of the only family members to low-key take a side against the conservatorship is now being painted out to be the bad guy. Also, RadarOnline is digital garbage.

Fortunately, Britney came to save the day (and give fans something else to talk about for a change). She shared a couple of new photos of herself taken by photographer Frances lacuzzi. Frances has photographed Britney several times in the past as well.

In the new photos, Britney, wearing a little black dress (the same dress she wore during the infamous moment when Fifth Harmony one-upped her team on The X Factor), fires off a gripping stare. Remember the pics of Britney holding the daisy and wearing sunglasses? Yeah, these are nothing like those.

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