Britney’s new fragrance is reportedly titled Rainbow Fantasy and debuts February 2019.

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About every six months, the princess of pop puts forth a spin-off of one of her fragrances, because real talk? It’s a BILLION (with a “B”) dollar empireney. There’s money to be made here, and Brit’s latest creation will be put to good use.

It appears the latest Elizabeth Arden incarnation is Rainbow Fantasy.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

It’s a quick followup to Brit’s most-recent fragrance, Prerogative, a unisex scent that’s still making scattered appearances on Britney’s Instagram. We love a business queen.

A promotional advertisement including a never-before-seen photo Britney took in 2016 with photographer Randee St. Nicholas surfaced on Twitter. 

The slogan is, “What color is your fantasy?” Expect the Internet to point out how that phrase might seem problematic.

What does a rainbow smell like? The Internets claims the new perfume features an array of vibrant scents, including lemon, cloudberry, pear leaves, peony, water lily, Jasmin petals, woods, amber and cotton candy.

Naturally, the bottle is multi-colored.

What should we take away from Rainbow Fantasy? Our girl’s passive income game is strong! Her name and brand still generates millions in sales – if it didn’t, bet your bottom dollar Elizabeth Arden wouldn’t be pumping out perfumes like pot pies. It’s also a bittersweet reminder that we’ve received four perfumes since Glory debuted, and only two singles. 

Sure, we’re in a drought of new Britney music, but at least we’ll smell damn good attending **********!

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