Britney opens up about her latest fragrance, Rainbow Fantasy.

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Queen B is on an indefinite work hiatus right now. Earlier this year, Britney announced she could no longer perform her second Las Vegas residency, **********, after her father Jamie suffered a severe health scare. Though he’s expected to make a full recovery, it put things into perspective for our fav, so she decided it was best to sneak away to the Philippines, I mean Calabasas (or wherever she is) and spend quality time with family.

That’s why this new interview via Fragrantica is so precious. Even though it’s exclusively centered around her latest fragrance, My Prerogative, Rainbow Fantasy, it’s SOMETHING. ********** (or whatever reincarnation of it) isn’t expected to return to the Park Theater until 2020, so let’s absorb every ounce of this interview that we can – even if it was potentially written by an intern. The *only* reason why I’ll choose to believe Britney had some input in this interview is the part about spraying Rainbow Fantasy in your hair. No one but Britney would do such a thing, and it’s low-key genius.

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What is the inspiration behind Rainbow Fantasy?
I wanted to create a scent that makes people think of moments full of bright colors and amazing experiences that inspire everyone to dream big. Rainbow Fantasy makes everyone feel like they can overcome any challenge.

How would you describe Rainbow Fantasy and what are your favorite notes?  
Rainbow Fantasy has mouthwatering, juicy top notes combined with oriental notes to make it extra addictive. I love the unique floral Show Girl Peony note and the Vibrant Woods.

Where is best place to apply Rainbow Fantasy? 
I like to spray this fragrance in my hair, so the Amber scent stays on me all day.

How does Rainbow Fantasy make you feel when you’re wearing it?
I feel like anything is possible! My goal is always to inspire my fans to dream big and this scent embodies that.

What do you hope other wearers will experience when wearing Rainbow Fantasy? 
I want Rainbow Fantasy to be an escape for everyone who wears it.

Tell us about the bottle design. How is it reflective of the scent?
The colors of the bottle bring the idea of Rainbow Fantasy to life. The oranges, pinks and blues remind me of a dream.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

Thoughts on… Britney’s new interview?

PS – I’d like to point out that Hilary Duff sang the words “rainbow colors in my hair” on 2003’s Metamorphosis track, “Anywhere But Here.” Collab confirmed!

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