Britney Spears Promotes The Intimate In Norway

September 26, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears Promotes The Intimate In Norway

Britney debuted The Intimate in Norway today.

Britney keeps on keeping on, promoting her lingerie line in Norway on Friday.

In a new interview, Britney says sometimes she needs girl friends and lingerie more than men (lol).

She talks about the line, muted colors yadda yadda, but one thing that really stuck out in this interview is when she’s asked if it’s harder for girls to grow up in the age of social media versus her time.

“I feel like there’s a lot more technology these days. I don’t know if that takes away from the person itself. Which would make it easier for a person to live, because you have so many gadgets, and what’s going on instead of just having the presence of you and me and not having os many computers going on. I feel like maybe it goes both ways.”

She says girls struggling with low self esteem is to surround yourself with friends and cherish the bad days and pray to God.

“I feel like if [God’s] a part of your life – sky’s the limit.”

See pictures of Britney at the event below:

Britney Spears Promotes The Intimate In Norway