The princess of pop puts out a spin-off perfume.

Britney Spears is reportedly taking 2019 to focus on regaining control over her personal life, but the Britney Brand is still producing products for purchase.

Every six months or so, the pop star’s company releases a new fragrance. The latest is Prerogative: Rave, a re-working of Prerogative, which she released in 2018 alongside a string of seductive, *******-style promos.

The original was marketed as unisex (“a fragrance for all”), however most agree the scent is far more feminine (where’s that men’s cologne tho?). It’s also worth mentioning in between Prerogative and Prerogative: Rave, Britney released another spin-off perfume, Rainbow Fantasy.

See what Exhale is saying about Prerogative: Rave.

Miss Brit has yet to mention the new perfume, but it certainly exists; a photo of Britney (from her 2013 Piece Of Me photoshoot) and a picture of the bottle/packaging have recently hit the Internet. On the new materials, the letters R-A-V-E in the word “PREROGATIVE” are highlighted. Get it? Cause, you know, prerogative has the word rave in it? Someone was paid a lot of money for noticing that! I would have preferred the word GIVE, but I wasn’t involved in the creation meetings so RAVE it is.

For nearly $30, what will you smell like wearing Rave? According to the listing on, it features the following Top notes of Mandarin, Williams pear, raspberry / Heart notes of Red calla lily, freesia, green jasmine and Base notes – Sandalwood, cedar, cashmeran, musk.

The tagline is: “The new uninhibited fragrance for all.”

We love consistent marketing.

And just because it’s available, here’s a copy + paste of the description:

“Daring. Energetic. Irresistible. Step into a world where everything provocative is pushed to the next level. Show your moves. Dance the night away. Live like there’s no tomorrow.

Prerogative Rave. The new uninhibited fragrance for all from Britney Spears™

“A hook of zesty and mouthwatering mandarin is made even more luscious with crisp Williams pear and juicy raspberry. In the floral heart, hypnotic red calla lily is wrapped with dewy freesia and fresh green jasmine. Sleek, modern sandalwood and cedar notes, along with cashmeran and musk, wrap you in an addictive sensuality.”

Purchasing a new Britney product in 2019 puts fans in a predicament. The overwhelming majority of fans are claiming they won’t shell out a penny until something changes regarding Britney’s status in the conservatorship. They feel as if they’d be putting money in the pockets of people who are profiting off of Britney’s alleged lack of freedom.

In Britney’s cover of the song “My Prerogative,” she opened it with the lines: “people can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your truth.” The question remains: can you handle hers?

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