Reports are that Britney Spears is in a hurry to bring back the body that made her famous and a pop icon. The young mother of two reportedly requested a tummy tuck surgery be scheduled after giving birth, but new reports claim Britney Spears will dance the fat off, The Bosh reports. But a report from Star Magazine says the workout plan should be – breast is best.

Hold on guys – It’s likely not what you think. The magazine reports that Britney, now 24, gained around 40 pounds with this baby after gaining roughly 60 pounds with the first child. Now the plan to dump the fat from New York City nutritionist Allison Poster-Katz – breast feeding. “It burns calories and shrinks the uterus,” the nutritionist is quoted by the weekly magazine as saying.

“That’s good since Britney had a cesarean birth as that will limit her ability to work out for the first six weeks. The experts cited in the article by Star also say it is time for the junk food to go for the former pop tart. That say ditch the Cheetos and the 400-calorie Frappuccinos from Starbucks. Can she pull it off? I think she can. And she had better – any pop stars career depends on looking the part as much as sounding good.

Source: National Ledger

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